Mission :: to improve the delivery and outcomes of health care through innovative research on health information, technology, and communication
             The Indiana University Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research (IU CHSOR) is an IU campus-wide center established in 2003 to advance the science of continually improving healthcare delivery systems. IU CHSOR core faculty are academically appointed scientists who conduct research across multiple settings including the VA Health Service Research & Development Center for Health Information and Communication (CHIC) and the William M. Tierney Center for Health Services Research at Regenstrief Institute, Inc. (RCHSR). These hubs form a campus-wide laboratory in which CHSOR investigators drive high-impact lines of research to improve the delivery of health care and improve the health outcomes of patients through attention to:
  • patient safety and quality of care,
  • patient-provider communication strategies,
  • health information technology,
  • process improvement and systems intervention,
  • and research in health professions practice and education.
      CHSOR scientists apply expertise from domains of health care, social science, engineering, informatics, and other disciplines to foster discovery of new knowledge and evidence-based practice in the following special emphasis areas:
  • applied health informatics
  • pain and symptoms
  • cancer population analytics 
  • systems redesign
  • organizational change
  • cancer population analytics & patient-centered informatics
  • patient safety
  • stroke quality improvement
  • serious mental illness
  • implementation science
  • medical education
  • global health services
     The work of CHSOR investigators contributes to the science of translation and implementation, and helps original research findings make a successful journey from scientific evidence to sustainable, wide scale implementation. Most CHSOR investigators conduct important research within the VA CHIC. Located within the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center (VAMC) on the edge of the IUPUI campus, the VA CHIC is a major site for clinical health services research and training. At the Roudebush VAMC, researchers have invaluable access to the VA's innovative application of electronic tools to healthcare delivery for a positive impact on patient safety, efficiency, and the cost of excellent care. Roudebush VAMC has been recognized by the American Hospital Association as one of the nation’s Most Wired Hospitals.
     Regenstrief Institute, Inc., internationally renowned for its informatics and healthcare research, and the Indiana University School of Medicine - a premier medical school committed to innovative conduct and advancement of research, education, and clinical care - provide our health services research community with crucial foundational support. The IU CHSOR supplements this support by actively collaborating with key partnering organizations both on and off campus to develop new initiatives, projects, and proposals to expand its potential to improve critical areas of research and healthcare delivery. Partnerships with hospital administrators, clinicians, and patients make turning research into real-world action possible. These collaborative relationships link Indiana healthcare systems and the information held in their electronic health records with the more than 30 years of clinical and laboratory data stored in the Regenstrief Medical Records System.
     Several research initiatives that focus on implementation, health services research, and education are led by senior CHSOR scientists. These nested activities include the VA HSR&D Precision Monitoring to Transform Care Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (PRIS-M QUERI, L. Williams), the IUPUI Center for Cancer Population Analytics and Patient-Centered Informatics (D. Haggstrom), the Indiana CTSI Clinical Investigation and Translational Education (CITE) Program (IndianaCTSI CITE, Director, K. Kroenke), the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare Research Network (AMPATH, Co-Director (North America), R. Vreeman), and the Research in Health Professions Practice and Education unit (RHPPE, D. Litzelman).

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