Debra K. Litzelman, MA, MD, MACP

D. Craig Brater Professor of Global Health Education, Indiana University School of Medicine
Associate Director, Indiana University Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research
Associate Director, William M. Tierney Center for Health Services Research, Regenstrief Institute, Inc.
Director of Education, Indiana University Center for Global Health

   Dr. Litzelman is a Senior Research Scientist in Regenstrief Institute, Inc. with research interests in interprofessional education and practice, innovative health care system's workforce development, and patient-cen tered behavioral change strategies. As co-investigator on a CMS-funded project to expand the Aging Brain Center (ABC) collaborative care model to a wider number of older adult patients with cognitive and mood disorders and caregivers, Dr. Litzelman as led the Workforce Training Core, which developed and implemented innovative screening, hiring and training processes to prepare the ABC Care Coordinator Assistants. 

   Dr. Litzelman is currently the principal investigator on her second $1.5 million NIH Behavioral and Social Science Integrated Curricular Training grant for the Indiana University School of Medicine. As Director of Education for the Indiana University Center for Global Health, she focuses on bilateral exchange of ideas to improve health and well-being of the medically underserved across the globe. The ideas for creating a new workforce to care for vulnerable elders arose from her work in Kenya where community health workers are widely deployed to improve care of patients with chronic illnesses. 

   Dr. Litzelman also has research experience in organizational change interventions with primary care health care groups working to establish relational Patient Centered Medical Homes and with IU Health oncology care groups. Her research focuses on the impact of practical training to prepare interprofessional health care team members to optimally function within relational, collaborative models of care. As principal investigator of the IU Health Values Grand Challenge "Improving Infant Mortality Rates in Indiana" project, Dr. Litzelman, with interdisciplinary and community-based teams, will implement and evaluate this community-based population health initiative.

Dr. Litzelman is board certified in Internal Medicine and an attending physician in both Eskenazi Medical Center and Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center.

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  General Internal Medicine
  Health Services Research



Physician Group:  
     IU Health Physicians  
Hospital Privileges:  
     IU Health Methodist/IU Health University  



School of Medicine      University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Fellowship      Indiana University Medical Center
Residency      University of Cincinnati School of Medicine

Active Projects

I.    National Institutes of Health  (2011-2016)

"Uniting the Formal and Informal Curriculum in a Behavioral and Social Science Integrated Curriculum (BASSIC II)" (PI)

Enabling Indiana University School and Medicine and Moi University School of Medicine to develop a student, physician, and institutional program of education that will improve the abilities of our physicians and health systems to provide care that is informed by the wide range of behavioral and social factors that influence patient health and illness


II.   American Medical Association – Accelerating Change Proposal (2013-2018)

“Transformative Power of EMR to Create Virtual Medical Education Laboratories using e-Patient Panels to Prepare Future Physicians to Excel in New Health Care Systems” (Co-PIs: ME Gusic, W Tierney)

Indiana's project will create a virtual health care system (vHS) and a teaching electronic medical record (tEMR) to ensure competencies in system-, team- and population-based health care, as well as clinical decision-making. (Role: Lead Evaluator)


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