Michael (Mick) D. Murray, PharmD, MPH

Distinguished Professor of Pharmacy and Endowed Chair of Medication Safety, Purdue University College of Pharmacy
Research Scientist, Indiana University Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research
Research Scientist, William M. Tierney Center for Health Services Research, Regenstrief Institute, Inc.
Adjunct Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine

   Dr.  Murray is appointed Distinguished Professor of Pharmacy in the Purdue University College of Pharmacy where he holds the Endowed Chair of Medication Safety.  He also is appointed Adjunct Professor of Medicine in General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

   Dr. Murray’s research interests include developing pharmacy services to improve drug therapy in older adults with chronic disorders, medication safety, improving the quality of health of low-income minority people, and pharmacoepidemiology using large population computer databases. 

   Dr. Murray’s collaborations include Chair for both the Patient Safety and Informatics Course Development Committee and the Medication Safety Strategic Priorities Taskforce at Purdue School of Pharmacy.  He supports the PhRMA Foundation mission to develop young scientists in pharmaceutical research and education by serving on the Expert Panel of the Comparative Effectiveness Research in Health Professional Curricula and on the Comparative Effectiveness Research Award in Excellence Review Committee.  Dr. Murray is a member of the External Advisory Committee for the Clinical Pharmacoepidemiology Training Program at the University of Pennsylvania, funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences in the U.S. National Institutes of Health.  He is a Fellow of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology and a member of the Clinical Effectiveness Research Innovation Collaborative (CERIC), Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC. 

Active Studies

I. Regenstrief Foundation (2011-2015)   


An active drug safety surveillance and quality improvement program utilizing Indiana Network for Patient Care data.

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1. Chin J, Payne B, Gao X, Conner-Garcia T, Graumlich JF, Murray MD, Morrow DG, Stine-Morrow EA. Memory and comprehension for health information among older adults: distinguishing the effects of domain-general and domain-specific knowledge. Memory. 2015;23(4):577-89.

2. Okun SD, McGraw P, Stang E, Larson D, Goldmann J, Kupersmith R, Filart RM, Robertson C, Grossmann, and Murray MD. 2013. Making the case for continuous learning from routinely collected data. Discussion Paper, from The Clinical Effectiveness Research Innovation Collaborative, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC.

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