Health Services Research and Implementation Science Expertise



Applied Health Informatics ::

David Haggstrom  Mike Weiner  Alissa Russ  Brian Dixon  

Cancer Healthcare Services ::

David Haggstrom  Tom Imperiale  Shelley Johns  Clint Cary

Global Health ::

Tom Inui  Debra Litzelman  Rachel Vreeman

Healthcare Effectiveness and Pharmacoepidemiology ::

Mick Murray

Behavioral Health and Healthcare Delivery for Mental Illness ::

Angie Rollins  Alan McGuire  Shelley Johns  Samantha Outcalt

Human Computer Interaction and Simulation ::

Alissa Russ  David Haggstrom

Health Professions Practice and Education ::

Debra Litzelman  Ann Cottingham  Rich Frankel

Pain Assessment and Management ::

Kurt Kroenke  Matt Bair  Marianne Matthias  Shelley Johns  Jacob Kean

Patient-Provider Communications ::

Rich Frankel  Marianne Matthias  Edward Miech

Patient Safety and Healthcare-Associated Infection Reduction ::

Alissa Russ  Mike Weiner  Brian Dixon

Stroke Quality Improvement ::

Linda Williams  Dawn Bravata  Teresa Damush  Edward Miech  Laura Myers  Jacob Kean

Systems Redesign / Organizational Change ::

Dawn Bravata  Edward Miech  Linda Williams

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